web review

Combining my research skills with my interest in egosurfing, I tackled a new assignment: conducting a web image review for the Bluffton Icon.

The process was eye-opening and exciting. I found the Icon is doing a fantastic job of shaping their web image and that the web is a wild and crazy place that often defies expectations.

Why? Because the web relies on machines to cull information and because a multitude of websites and individuals are free to share information and misinformation about your business. It’s rather like an attic: lots of stuff gets loaded in and not much gets cleared out. Fortunately, none of my client’s information got lost; to mix my metaphors, the cream had risen to the top.

I was pleased to provide the Icon with several discoveries about where Icon articles can be found and how the Icon’s appearance is evolving when viewed by the “Big Three” search engines, Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

My goal was to find how the Icon appears to readers, advertisers, and the news industry. My results are gratifying and will offer my client new perspectives and opportunities for developing his business.