What’s better than playing with a new toy? That’s how I felt when collaborating with my friend Melissa Eddings Mancuso to develop an online portfolio using Squarespace. Melissa paints, makes hand-bound books, and creates religious iconography, as well as teaches art at Ohio Northern University.

The project was a chance to get comfortable with a new content management platform, as well as an endeavor that focused on images first, text second. The result is a treasure trove of colors, textures, and imagery. The site is a sales outlet for Melissa, but it’s also great to just browse!

Squarespace portfolio
Squarespace portfolio for Melissa Eddings Mancuso

For me, Squarespace is a fun puzzle, full of tricks. Some icons do not appear unless you hover the cursor over them. I liken it to baby-proofing. You can’t get in trouble with functions you can’t unlock! However, it also fails to remind you of options you know you accessed somewhere…. For future reference, I created a “cheat & style sheet” for myself and Melissa.

It’s exciting to have the site go live and share Melissa’s wonderful work with everyone. Click this image to view the website and enjoy!