My writing about writing often turns into writing about reading and re-reading. But I’m not alone. In this re-blog, fashion designer-turned-novelist Jackie Mallon shares some “blooming good” re-reads.

Jackie Mallon

I should mention I have no method to my reading. If I had, I would waste less time on unworthy books (ah yes, The Goldfinch…)

Currently I’ve chosen well. I am revisiting the illicit charms of Lady Chatterley’s Lover which I read in my early teens probably concealed behind a copy of Smash Hits magazine.  The language is flowery and a little archaic. Tittering must surely be encouraged when DH Laurence repeatedly describes the Lady orgasming as having “reached her crisis.” As Constance advances in her sexual awakening, all the flowers are in bloom in the woodland where she trysts with the groundsman in his hut.

And hey, it’s Spring in the city. It’s practically a Monet painting outside (at least it was in Brooklyn Botanical Garden this week.)


In the novel I particularly enjoy the descriptions of the industrial climate around Nottingham in the early twentieth century: the…

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