What’s your favorite food? Doughnuts? Pizza? Sushi? No matter how much you love it, can you imagine eating it for every meal?

Now take a look at the social media posts for your business. Are you expecting your viewer to enjoy the same flavor over and over again? It’s important to build variety–and even entertainment and emotion–into your content.

A widely recognized social media strategy is the 10:4:1 rule. That’s share 10 times, blog 4 times, and sell 1 time.

Let’s say you sell clothing. How many of your posts are product shots? To create variety, you could share items about:

  1. Color
  2. Fit
  3. Fabrics
  4. Cleaning
  5. Styling
  6. Belts & Shoes
  7. Textures
  8. Prints
  9. Layering
  10. Jewelry

With original content, you can give tips, tell stories, highlight your experience, and note discoveries. You might blog about:

  1. Classic vs. Trendy Styles
  2. Return Policies
  3. Wardrobe Investments
  4. Shopping Local

And finally, you would invite viewers to:

  1. Visit you at your store, shop your upcoming sale, or place an order for a special offer.

Do you think your last 15 posts come close to this model? There’s one way to find out: take a look!


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