Changing your profile picture on social media can be fun. On personal accounts it can serve as a mood ring–reflecting your enthusiasms or serving as a new digital “outfit.”

For a business or professional social media account, however, I recommend sticking with your logo or your face. Period.

Why? Because your logo has hopefully earned you faster recognition than your name spelled out. In a crowded news feed, it will help loyal viewers spot your posts. For individual accounts, a picture of your face will earn you more engagement when you meet viewers in person.

Grocery profiles images

What happens when you use other kinds of images?

  • You can be mistaken for another business that also uses a piece of pizza, storefront or other generic image for their profile picture.
  • The photographic details that look so great on a big screen get miniaturized on a smart phone–and may become meaningless.
  • You lose the opportunity to expand recognition of your brand.

pizza images

What if you haven’t uploaded an image and have a place holder shown instead? You risk blending into the background, while more engaging images grab the viewer’s attention and clicks.

Profile images are often first impressions and are usually seen in a kind of visual lineup. Does your business stand out among your competition?
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