Do you hate passwords? Are you annoyed by requests to log in and announcements that your password has been changed – to something that you can’t remember?

It’s easy to focus on the aggravation and forget why we have passwords: to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our personal and business accounts!

As someone who routinely logs in to client websites, social media, email, and other online accounts, I can tell you that password neglect adds up to time lost and online content stuck in limbo.

Here are some great ways to stay safe and productive:

  • Could you live with a single key to your car? Make sure YOU have access to all of your accounts, even if you rely on others – like family members or interns – for tech support.
  • Create different passwords for different accounts. Would you want one key to open your car, house, business, and safety deposit box?
  • Don’t combine personal and business accounts for the sake of convenience.
  • Update passwords. You’ve probably seen email messages about money making schemes or online dating from someone who had their account hacked. They need to update their password!
  • Every account associated with your business needs to be treated like a bank account. Store passwords – and updates – in a safe and accessible place.

I once had a gym pass that was a flimsy piece of paper, so easy to slip into my sweatpants pocket. And when I couldn’t find it? I remembered – I felt! – the $75 I paid for it.

Your email or Facebook passwords might seem insubstantial, but they provide you with important protection. Update your password habits today!


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