Customers need to find your business even if you don’t have a brick and mortar location. You also want them to find your business even if Google or some other service hasn’t created a listing for you. What do you do?

Take action! A Google information box can be created for your business. Your listing can also show an area where you serve customers rather than a street address.

PS WE info box

Using Google My Business, your listing can be tailored to fit your specific business needs. You can add images including–most importantly–your logo. Brand recognition starts with the first view, which is often on Google or Google maps.

information box copy

Claimed Google listings also give you reports covering:

  • Number of searches; direct and by category
  • Views from search and from maps
  • Visits to your website from the listing
  • Calls made with the phone number link
  • Requests for directions

What happens if you don’t claim or create a Google information box? You can use the “feedback” link to update your listing without claiming it. However, if you claim your listing, Google will send you periodic updates. The listing is automatically checked for you!

If you don’t claim a listing, information can be created and modified without your knowing about it. In fact, all Google users can suggest content and add photos. Happy (and unhappy) customers and employees can add information and images to your listing.

To make the best first impression, claim or create a Google listing today!

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