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Are you a fan of Facebook for businesses and organizations? Some 70% of online adults use Facebook, so it’s become an important marketing tool. However, just like your friend who posts about cleaning out the sock drawer, businesses need to post carefully to keep their viewers engaged.

I look to Facebook role models for inspiration and for content that I can share. Consider following businesses that are similar to your own (perhaps in other parts of the country, not just your direct competition) and those that just do Facebook really, really well. Here are some examples with links to each business/organization page:

Zingerman’s Delicatessen is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, business that’s famous for it’s food and marketing savvy. I’ve been craving their pot pies for weeks thanks to these yummy photos. The sale sounds like a good deal, but it’s the image that has me drooling.

You don’t have to be a pro photographer to post your own pictures on Facebook, but you should have high standards when it comes to focus and lighting. To highlight an individual item, create a plain background with a roll of kraft paper or a plain white roller shade.


The Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities caught my attention with their creative posts. They brighten my day on a regular basis.

It’s important to note that they don’t go for a touchdown every time: mixed in with pictures of cute babies and riveting news stories are reminders like this one, keeping me aware of their activities and purpose.

Your viewers will also appreciate posts about key services, location, staffing, hours, and other basic but essential information. Just tuck them in on a rotating basis. Continue reading “Facebook role models”

Are you a Bluffton booster?

What’s the biggest draw to Bluffton, Ohio? In my unscientific appraisal of online information, the most prominent businesses are the Et Cetera Shop and Shannon Theatre. They show up at the top of search results and get excellent reviews. (Click the links to see what I mean.)
shannon on Google

On Google, the Shannon Theatre currently has 24 reviews for an overall 4.8 stars (out of 5).

On Facebook, the Et Cetera Shop has drawn 30 reviews for an overall 4.9 star rating (out of 5).

The comments reflect the loyalty and love patrons have for these businesses and highlight their economic draw. Both make life more affordable!

What other Bluffton businesses would you spotlight?

The Bluffton business-customer love seems to go both ways. In 2015 and early 2016, at least ten businesses opened their doors to customers and clients. These new and established companies are below with links to their search results: Continue reading “Are you a Bluffton booster?”

Feb. 12 Bluffton Chamber Recap

Did you miss the February 12 breakfast hosted by the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC)? Here’s a recap including links to help you connect with local businesses and organizations.

Amy Warren, a Bluffton High School senior and future music education major at Bluffton University, got things started with a half hour of music. Amy not only takes lessons at Krysti’s Music Studio, she is also a student music teacher.

A great meal was served buffet-style. We enjoyed individual quiches, blueberry coffee cake, and fruit served by the Sodexo dining service. The breakfast sponsor was Family Eye Care.

We were introduced to three new businesses on Main Street. Chamber CEO Fred Steiner presented the owners with their first dollar and president Phil Zimmerly gave them brooms to help keep our sidewalks tidy. The newcomers are:

Among member announcements, Randy Keeler introduced a new summer event that will be hosted by the Bluffton Family Recreation Center prior to the summer Olympics in Brazil. The village will have its own Bluffton Community Olympics with events such as inner tube races, sand volleyball, horseshoes, corn hole, and a running event. Randy invited adults to form teams and to sign up as volunteers.

Esther Birkey from the Bluffton Public Library passed out invitations to the Family Connections Coffee Morning on February 25th, which will connect families with experts in childcare and child development. Pat Sheidler of the Friends of the Bluffton Public Library put out the word that book donations are being accepted for the spring book sale.

The Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs announced two Hands-On Workshops to help businesses create or improve their websites. Web developer Ryan Lowry gave a preview of the sessions to be held on February 19 and 25. Continue reading “Feb. 12 Bluffton Chamber Recap”

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