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Look to the pros for best marketing practices. Logo, tag line, and electronic links to social media and website are included in this email signature, as well as complete contact information. It’s a great model to follow!

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Passwords lost and found

Do you hate passwords? Are you annoyed by requests to log in and announcements that your password has been changed – to something that you can’t remember?

It’s easy to focus on the aggravation and forget why we have passwords: to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our personal and business accounts!

As someone who routinely logs in to client websites, social media, email, and other online accounts, I can tell you that password neglect adds up to time lost and online content stuck in limbo.

Here are some great ways to stay safe and productive: Continue reading “Passwords lost and found”

15626198_716184341873651_238948080593769561_oTo protect the innocent, let’s call the sender “Spamela.” In fact, my friend’s name was on this email, so I WANTED to open it.

But this isn’t how my friend’s emails usually look and it turns out this spam sender has created a BIG headache for her.

When an email looks funny or feels funny, it’s probably spam. Your best bet: 1) Don’t open it or click on any links; 2) contact the sender and recommend that they update their email password.

This spammer also told my friend she “had to” create a new email account. Don’t you believe it!

Beware of spam!



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